Sam Reisner
A small collection of shrunken-down images I've taken over the years. There's more where these came from, but you really don't want to suffer through them.
Happy Birthday Sam News/Documentary Emmys A View From The Bridge
MK Castle with Fireworks
My birthday at Yankee Stadium!
News and Documentary Emmys; I designed cycles, fonts, and the like for in-show use.
A View from the Bridge at Dartmouth, which I helped stage manage for Theater 41 - Stage Management
Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
Dartmouth Green, Pre-Commencement, from the Hanover Inn
St Augustine's Italian Festival: The Round Up
At the festival: the Roundup
At the festival: the Scrambler
Dartmouth College Commencement
Round Up 1 Round Up 2 Scrambler
Visiting Peaks Island HItchhicking Pumpkin spaulding auditorium film projector
lit bag at long lake
Visiting Carlb at Peaks Island!
Hitchhiking Ghosts for Halloween
Spaulding Auditorium 35mm Film Projector Reels
Bag lighting path to cars, Long Lake
The path up the hill, Long Lake
Evita: I did the projection designs
Evita: "On this niiiight"
Evita: Embalmment
long lake path to parking lot
Round Up 1 Round Up 2 Scrambler